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  1. Dear Jen
    Just a quick note to say that I have found your video’s on Youtube and have listened to a couple this afternoon whilst painting my bannisters! They are very good, you are very personable and you come over very well indeed.

    The website is also excellent and your use of monetising spreadsheets very innovative!

    I have just published my first book ‘Goodbye Mortgage’ and have been going through the KDP process of publishing, trying to work out how to market the book and how to get the word out there. I have been using Facebook marketing to generate a few sales but it is slow which is where I probably need to revert to Youtube videos’s which I have to admit scares me somewhat ! It would be interesting to know what equipment and software you use?

    Professionally I am a financial planner and run a business in Devon. I have 30 years experience of face to face advice but realise that now may be time to try and commoditise some of that knowledge that has been built up over the years, hence the first book.

    Anyhow, I thought I would send you a quick message to say ‘Hello’. There is no agenda from my perspective but I am interested in what you are doing.

    My website is and the book is available on Amazon.

    Send me a reply should you feel so inclined.

    With best wishes


  2. Keep up your good work Jennifer surely you have helped many people and certainly helped me. I look forward to seeing more content.

    Many Thanks for the inspiration .

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