We’re all going on a….mid March…holiday..

It’s all exciting times again in the MamaFurFur household and this time we are off for a last minute holiday before I go back to work from maternity leave.

Holidays are always wonderful as I get to spend time exclusively without any distractions with the two important men in my life BUT I also know with a baby travelling can be stressful. I add my own stress without even needing anyone to tell me what I should worry about. We took our little dude away to Majorca last year at age 3 months, so now he is nearly 9 months old, this brings new challenges to plan and manage when not in your own nature surroundings.

Here are my tips for holiday travel with a small person though that might be useful for you:

1. Plan ahead for the complete journey time to and from the destination, from the moment you leave and return to the house. We all hate hearing that screaming baby on a flight, even though we know how hard it is to keep a baby/toddler entertained for more than 10 secs at a time, but try to think what stuff might help. In my case, this will mean taking small toys and activity books on a 4.5hr flight. I also need to plan how and what I will feed him etc, so go with the full day planned as much as you can.

2. Similar to the travel, you need to plan how to entertain your child should the hotel/resort not be up to your standard of expectations. But with sunshine, sand and sea hopefully then only a few toys and a blanket might need to go with you.

3. Don’t take too many “spare” clothing items. Chances are like yourself on holiday, if it’s clean and only wore for 2hrs, you might want to just reuse it next day for a short time. Or take travel wash to easily make fresh clothes. Keeping your luggage down helps you with the physical management of travelling with balancing a small child on your hip or toddler running about.

4. Find out about the local area before heading off. Even if it is just to know you have a supermarket 15 mins away by taxi or the hospital is 2hrs away – all that information means you can relax should you need anything out of the ordinary.

5. If you bottle feed, research which bottle waters in that country/region are safe to use for boiling and sterilising. Some European waters have a baby icon on them to make it easy to know it’s ok to use. Peace of mind for you ultimately.

6. Try to relax and plan in some “off duty time” each day. You work hard balancing life and we all need a few moments to read a book or lie back. Enjoy it when you have paid for the luxury of people knowing you need time out to relax.

We are off to Tenerife for this holiday, so I look forward to updating with how we got on in future blog updates.

Love MFF x

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