TLC for the soul

With the Easter period just passed us by, every time it comes and goes it always prompts me to consider the message behind it.

In a former part of my life I belonged to various Christian church organisations and this is now my second year in a row in my adult life that I wasn’t part of that. I can honestly say that I have not become immersed to the commercialism of it instead, but rather I can take a few moments to remember the real reason and if it has a effect on me still.

In my recent life of the past 18 months, I have seen many occasions where people following a faith openly have acted not in the way that faith would be proud of. That is the hardest and most frustrating part for me. When I was an active member of any church, I was standing for something. Yes, the pressure can be too great to be perfect but I didn’t want to let the side down. When I did let the side down, I owned up and took the consequences. Too many people seem to let their actions behind closed doors make a mockery of what they are meant to stand for.

On reverse though, thankfully there are people of faiths who love all and honour completely what they are meant to do/say to represent their faith in public and in private. In those cases, I know that whatever God/Gods would call them their own representatives on earth.

May we all strive to truly reflect with our actions and words in all situations what we believe about our character. This can simple be that we want to be known as kind, loving or to embody a particular faith.

The message of Easter for everyone can be that simply life gives you the opportunity to be “reborn” whenever you want it. You can turn away from past traits that are bad and start over. What greater gift in life can we have than that knowledge that we are not slaves to our own imperfections and it’s ok not to be perfect, just learn from it for next time.

Love MFF xx

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