Shadows prove the sunshine

Recently there has been lots of opportunities for me and my family to deal with “numpties”. Yep – the perfect Scottish word for people who are either daft or just have a convincing act like they are daft. I say daft, when I really mean can be bullies, controlling, nasty… see the point.

Bullies or the power they want to have over you will never win unless you let them. I am reminded of a phrase which is “be nice to those on the way up cos you never know when you meet them on the way down”, and although it isn’t literal in our sense – it gives a sense of that people should be fair and nice because you never know when you need people to be nice back to you.

My hope is that people realise that everyone has moments when they have the upper hand – time proves that you need to show your better side to the world always.

And so today I was reminded of this and proud that I personally stand up for myself and see others also doing this. We are just as precious and worth being spoken to/shown kindness towards as those doing showing their “numpty” side. Let that be a warning to those who abuse their power over people in some way and also a message of encourage to those who might feel powerless sometimes. All these people will ever be is a bully – and a faded memory eventually.

Cats and children are wonderful and as I sit in my office today – our cat manages to find the only sunlight warm spot in the whole room. I plan to always follow that way of life too and chase the sunshine around a colder room when I need to.

Love MFF xx

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