No rest for the wicked…on holiday

So we survived our wee last escape holiday before maternity leave ends for me. Loved getting away just the three of us, and learnt quite a lot to help plan and manage our next family holiday together.

First thing I can say is the place we stayed at was excellent for small people families. We stayed at the Marylanza Suites in Tenerife, and after much researched before hand I knew that we had a great apartment style room with kitchen area and separate sleeping room. This is essential to me, purely as I want to know I can look after my child and also get their needed best sleep schedule to make the holiday work similar to normal life.

My major tips for next time would be that despite my best attempts, I needed to realise that you can’t make a hungry baby wait longer for food just to suit the hotel meal times. So find the meal times out before hand and take food pouches/ get local food from a supermarket. Our best days were when Nathan had his food times as normal and had a wee extra “something” with us at the grown up set meal times in the restaurant.
Lesson learnt – a tired baby will not eat no matter how much you try!

I would also say that our most enjoyable days were just when we went with the flow, although we did manage two day trips out. First was hiring our own car and exploring the island attractions; second one was a booked excursion. The booked excursion meant set times for leaving and pick up and again this ended up being a bit too messy/stressful to consider in future for some years. Why add stress when you don’t need it?

Overall I loved our holiday and would definitely say that you can still have family holidays like you did when you were just a two-piece – it just takes a few attempts to work smarter and still have the great time you know you will have.

Fun in the sun indeed….


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