If it’s not ok, it’s not the end…

The drawn on moustache is a work of great art.

This week a lot of things I have heard during my days have included words that have given me hope.

The life I lead includes being a wife, mum, sister, step mum, worker, daughter…the list could go on and on…and so that makes me just like everyone else really. We all have our challenges, sometimes they can feel way too unfair or times I really want to give people a high five, to the face, BUT this is the balance of my life. I have the sweetest of joys, only sometimes the reality that others don’t have that happiness so need to mix up the world when they can enters my life too.

I hear the phrase “Everything will be ok in the end, and if it’s not ok, it’s not the end”.

Wow. That is it. Exactly what I needed to hear. I’m impatient. I’m passionate about the things I love. But I struggle when things are emotionally rather than logical in my world. The irony is that I am highly emotionally at times but can balance it with logic most of the time. So basically I don’t like in the world what I know about myself. Funny that!

This past few months lots of things have changed in our world where I can finally start to see glimpses of what we were waiting for. It taught me a lesson that I really need to just try and stay more calm and ride things out as the big man upstairs really will ensure everything is ok in the end. Either that means I am changed to accept things or things are changed for the world to accept.

I work in my typical week in a demanding sales job, and I adore it. I adore helping people and the bonus is I get paid. However sometimes those demands can be tough especially when I give up some normal working hours to be with my son to raise him. In the eyes of working world, that doesn’t make much sense and causes people hassle as I’m not there when they may want – but the reality is that if everything needs to be so “right now” then something can’t be right. With planning and patience comes the best results and ideas and I’m slowly understanding that.

In my week ahead I am pondering these thoughts and how I can use them to shape my path ahead. Here’s to the journey!

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