100 days of Proper Home Cooking – Here we go!

It’s been a fantastic May holiday weekend for us. Nothing major has happened other than our little family got to hang out for three solid days and shared laughs, smiles and good fun. I even got a bike for the first time in about 20yrs!

So as of yesterday we started our better eating on a budget challenge. Our shopping came in under £60 for the week with probably a top up of fresher fruit and veg, bread and milk mid week without doubt. We go through a lot with a small child plus the key to this challenge is replacing sugary foods with better options.
Our cupboards and fridge now has exciting stuff and endless choices. It really is quite exciting.

For the first time today I have even tried two new foods I have never had before – Jumbo oats porridge for breakfast and fresh cherries. Both a delight. Last night we made slow cooked pulled pork and sat round the table digging in altogether with both hands to meat, breads and sweet corn. It was bliss.

The one thing I have learned so far is that when I drink the majority of water in the day, I feel so much better. I actually start to pick water over other drinks now. That is impressive. I swear by my first large drink of water first thing in the day.

Here’s to more opportunities to learn over the 98 remaining days.

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