100 days of Proper Home Cooking – Getting ready

As of tomorrow, I enter our family in a challenge to life off the average Uk family food budget but eat healthy proper food. That means we will replace white flour products with better whole wheat versions, eat more fruit and veg, and cut back on sugar or remove it for the most part altogether. Easy right?

Here are my preps into the world.

1) Plan ahead our meals.

I thought this was a given and easy step as I have done it all my adult home owning life. You need to know what your food budget is and then plan how to eat food within it, or else you will fail. Also I don’t like the feeling of coming home to no idea what so ever when I will eat or what is available to eat. That tends to be the very moments you reach for Dominos on speed dial. No more peeps, no more cos we are smarter than that now đŸ™‚

2) I invested in some healthy grain and products to get us to give them a go for the first time. In our store cupboards now has products such as quinoa, buckwheat and brown rice etc etc. Can’t wait to give them a fair go and we might even like them!

3) Use your week meal planner to do a weekly shopping list. Do the shopping once a week and don’t get any top ups unless you need them. Top ups with a family tend to be fresher bread and milk, possibly fruit but these are all easy to pick up from shops in 15mins quick visit.

I am excited and look out for every few days I plan to post my thoughts, what we have tried and any recipes I can approve for taste for families.

Challenge about to begin đŸ™‚

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